Rockabilly Dames designs and manufactures Vintage inspired dresses, Rockabilly Skirts and related accessories in a range of styles. Our love for full circle and wiggle dresses is inspired and influenced from designs of the 50’s and early 60’s.

Currently we are finalizing a number of designs to start manufacturing but COVID-19 has stopped out travel plans and delayed us till at least well into 2021.

When our dresses are available for sale, you can visit here to purchase:

Over the years we have built up a unique collection of original 1950’s sewing patterns to draw inspiration from and to make our garments contain original design elements without coping them directly.

The elegant design elements from what women wore in the day has shaped our garments of today.

Made to fit…

One significant difference from designs of 70 years ago are the Bust, Waist and Hip measurements, more importantly the ratio of those measurements. Modern women do not have 10″ difference in their bust to waist these days so our garments are designed to fit the modern woman.

We have set ourselves some basic principals when it comes to what we produce. For us, a full circle dress shows off our highly desirable petticoats and our gorgeous frilly knickers. A wiggle dress shows off the beautiful curves. Our boleros and Cardigans ooze style as well as being practical in cooler climates.