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Handy Hint #1

Did you know you can place a Cash On Delivery order?

What this means is you can guarantee the products are yours by placing them in your cart, prerssing the "Shipping" button, selecting "COD" from the payments section and "Local pickup" fromt he delivery options and then confirming purchase. an email will be sent to you. You can also select bank EFT payment instead of COD and the item will be shipped to you once payment is received.


You must first be logged in (that means you need to complete your details in "My Account")

You must put items in your cart and proceed through normal checkout.

You must contact me to let me know when you are collecting and paying for your item(s).


You have 5 days to action your order or the system will revert the products back to stock and cancel you order.

It will email you all the details of the order and if you are about to have your order cancelled.




For any issues, please contact us during office hours.

Our mobile number is listed below.








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