Retro Inspired Shirts

I’ve collected a few retro shirts at the various gigs we have traveled too over the last 10 years and nothing looks better than a real vintage shirt.

It’s inspired me to design a range of Retro Themed Printed shirts made in a variety of fabrics that are suitable for dancing in or just casual outings.

When they are ready, you will be able to get them here:

You will love our popular and versatile Retro Print Shirts, cool designs influenced from the originals back in the 50’s and 60’s. Made from either cotton, rayon or cotton sateen. Check the product description to be exact.

The photo below is from a dance where we test drove some new designs, and as is typical in the fashion industry the dress has already been copied but we made it first and it will be one of the first designs to become available after our shirt range is ready.

We try to avoid manufacturing garments in Polyester fabric as it does not breath and causes the wearer to perspire and develop bad body odor. If your a dancer, thats a BIG NO-NO.

We stock a great range of print shirts and are always on the lookout for new fabric choices and cool designs from the 50’s and 60’s.

To help you make the right choice in shirts, we have designed our shirts to a common sizing and tagged them to a common purpose. If you are a Rockabilly dancer like us you know how hot it gets on the floor, so a shirt made just of synthetic material is going to make you over heat. In that case a high quality cotton shirt with some stretch is the way to go.

Shirts for dancers are typically light weight, made from cotton or a thin material with plenty of ease.

If you more into Car shows, Hot Rod events and other casual events then a thicker shirt with some small amount of synthetic material wont bother you. You can wear it while you wrench on your wheels or as you sit at the bar listening to the music.

“Look good, stay cool and show others your not boring…”