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Our Privacy Policy

Collection of Data

We collect customer details at several points in this website:

  • In the footer of the page to subscribe to special promotions and the like.
  • During order placement for notification on the order status, to confirm identity and automatically subscribe the purchaser to news and updates.
  • Randomly capture email address for the purposes of subscribing the user to our newsletter and updates as well as abandoned cart and abandoned browsing sessions.
  • If we are out of stock on an item, you can subscribe for a one off notification sent when the item is back in stock.

We DO NOT collect data for the purpose of reselling it or for any purpose that would constitute SPAM.


The framework that this site is built in automatically implements cookies to retain session data, menu options and other user definable parameters as needed to conduct its business.

No attempt is made to track your usage, product choice or related action for the purpose of on-selling the web usage data to third parties.

Your Privacy

Customers are like family, at Rockabilly Dames we make a great effort to retain and build customer trust so the last thing we want to do is violate your privacy in any way. We do not on-sell or distribute customer details to any third party - EVER!

If you are in doubt please feel free to contact us either via Mobile or Email.

Contact Information

Rockabilly Dames

The Gap, 4060 Queensland

Mobile: 0458396300
Hours: ( By Appointment Only )
E-Mail: moc.semadyllibakcor@selas