Stuff for Guys

For years we sold other peoples shirts, and we learnt what guys look for in a shirt.

We learnt what materials work and what doesn’t. As we are into the Rockabilly Scene and regularly dance, I find I sweat in synthetic shirts, for for me heavy poly cotton is no good, for others it’s a god send.

Rockabilly Dames will be stocking a cool range of shirts when we finish the designs and when we can travel to Bangladesh to visit some factories.

Thanks to COVID-19, we have been delayed by months, so we are just focusing on finishing our designs and testing them so they are fit for purpose.

When we finally have stock, we will have….

Bowling Shirts

This is the classic Tiki Shirt Design from Steady Clothing, I personally like the design but the material is terribly hot for Rockabilly Dancing.

Hot Rod Shirts

I don’t know who makes the shirt but this gentleman parked outside our pop-up store at a Greazefest Custom Culture weekend and let my partner model next to him… classic motorcycle or hotrod prints will predominate these style shirts.

Print Shirts

Print Shirts are typically cotton blend, or a very light synthetic cotton weave.

Sizing for Garage Junky Shirts…

Sizes will range from Small to 4XL Australian Sizing which generally translates to a Medium Australian is a Small US size.

Expected Delivery Dates end of 2020 or early 2021………