Repairs and Redesigns

Our double layer petticoats have been highly prized for years but after 9 years we have been forced to find a new manufacturer. It seams the factory that’s been making them no longer cares and the last two batches and some special orders have been …

Ally Katz

I so love the colour of my new Red Petticoat, I will be wearing it at the next competition here in Melbourne….. thanks so much for the quick delivery and I can’t wait to get more!

Miss Lulu Devine

Love..Love… LOVE my Rockabilly Dames Petticoats! Full and fluffy and perfect under a range of dresses….. My red dress was lovingly made by Miss Ruby Rose herself, inspired by an original 1950’s dress. Miss Lulu Devine is the 2019 Miss Nashville Bogie and about 100 …

Styles you love

From full skirt dresses, tight Wiggle dresses and fitted Skirts, not to mention petticoats, pettipants and Boleros. For guys we have quality bowling shirts, western themed and casual 50’s and 60’s inspired designs.


We have been trialling a range of fabrics from bamboo fibre to cotton blended with spandex, as well as chiffon, taffeta, and a host of others materials, of the highest quality.


For the right look under your favorite Dress and Petticoat you cant go past our frilly knickers. Better known as “Pettipants”, we have seven colours to choose from and they come in Small, Medium and Large! You can purchase them here: Our Pettipants and Made …