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The Early Days

Rockabilly Dames is an online merchant that was started by Heather Stephan and Sid Young and began trading in 2010 under the name H&S Retro Fashions.

At the time we aimed to supply Rockabilly and Rock-n-Roll dresses, skirts, bags, petticoats, mens shirts and related apparel to enthusiasts all over the world. Years later that goal has not changed even though our product range has changed slightly and Heather and I are no longer in a partnership :(.

After we separated we each started a new business, I kept H&S Retro Fashions as well as starting a number of other brands such as Rockabilly Dames and Korrupted Kittens.


Rockabilly Dames continues to trade online as well as trade stalls and several times a year I setup a pop-up table at various dance clubs on a lesson night to meet enthusiasts and supply them products they love.

At the start of 2016 I started a complete overhaul of the web sites, first migrating them to a high speed hosting vendor to make them fast and responsive for mobile and tablet users. I am also aiming to have high quality photography of the products so you can feel confident in what you are buying.

The building of this new eCommerce web site has taken 12 months with an entire new platform designed and developed by me, it will soon be released as an Open Source package called "Larvela", in case you are interested in implementing it for your own store.

In Septmeber 2017 I closed our eBay store to concentrate on the Web Site. In the process of building this eCommerce site, the email addresses of our wonderful clients are being entered into the new CRM system so I can keep you informed of new product offerings.

Who am I?

I am a part time Rockabilly Dance Teacher and full time Rockabilly enthusiast! Actually I am a systems engineer with a knack for eCommerce, Cryptography and Online Marketing as well as a biker and published author of both books and blog articles on Information Technology and Motorcycle Restoration and Rebuilding.


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